Our Chapter History

The Phoenix Chapter of NCL, Inc. is the oldest Chapter in Arizona. In the fall of 1990, a group of eight women met in their homes to determine the interest in establishing an NCL, Inc. Chapter in Phoenix. In January 1991, the first Board of Directors met and hosted an Orientation Tea. The founding members’ roster included 13 mothers and their daughters. By 1992, the Chapter roster had grown to 52 members; that number increased to 166 by 1993. We were granted official Charter status in 1995 at the annual NCL, Inc., convention in Los Angeles.

Our Sustainer group, consisting of members who are no longer active Patronesses or Ticktockers, but desire to stay connected to the organization and its mission, was formed in the fall of 1996.

Today, the Phoenix Chapter has nearly 300 members. Interest in membership increases each year.

The organization’s Active and Provisional members are mothers and their daughters who are in the seventh through twelfth grades. There are ten chartered NCL, Inc., chapters in the Phoenix metropolitan area. There is also a Chapter in Tucson and two Chapters in Nevada which make up our Region III, District 8.

Founding Members of the Phoenix Chapter:

Carolyn and Christine Board
Gena and Allison Bonsall
Shän and Paige Francis
Susan and Katie French
Barbara and Ryanne Gallagher
Cindy and Kathleen Gilbert
Lenni and Tiffany Griego
Kathleen and Janey Henze
Martha and Molly Hunter
Gretchen and Heather Manson
Rena and Kristin Marlar
Mary Ann and Bridget O’Neil
Charlotte and Mary Frances Scott

Phoenix Chapter Past Presidents:

Martha Hunter (Mrs. Ray) 1990-1992
Shän Francis (Mrs. William) 1992-1993
Barbara Gallagher (Mrs. Michael) 1993-1994
Pat McDermott (Mrs. Edward) 1994-1995
Nan Strand (Mrs. Danny) 1995-1996
Lenni Griego (Mrs. Bob) 1996-1997
Sally Hartley (Mrs. Tom) 1997-1999
Debbie Tupper (Mrs. Todd) 1999-2000
Jennifer Sprague (Mrs. Tim) 2000-2001
Polly Fitz-Gerald (Mrs. Michael) 2001-2002
Debra Cain (Mrs. William) 2002-2003
Debbie Frazelle (Mrs. Michael) 2003-2004
Susie Cole (Mrs. Doug) 2004-2005
Cathy Reahard (Mrs. Tom) 2005-2006
Kim Zieser (Mrs. Steven) 2006-2007
Leslie Berry (Mrs. David) 2007-2008
Terri Ann Greenberg (Mrs. Steve) 2008-2009
Kathryn Piskulick (Mrs. Roger) 2009-2010
Kathryn Petsas (Mrs. William) 2010-2011
Betsy Moore (Mrs. R. C.) 2011-2013
Cristina Hatton (Mrs. Andrew) 2013-2014
Pam Kolbe (Mrs. David) 2014-2015
Michele Lundstedt (Mrs. Robert) 2015-2016
Melissa Brutlag (Mrs. James) 2016-2017
Laura Westfall (Mrs. James) 2017-2018
Sarah Gallagher (Mrs. Garrick) 2018-2019
Booke Machen (Mrs. Craig) 2018-2019







Class of 2021 at work

Class of 2021 at work



NCL, Inc. Phoenix Chapter

Members are mothers and their daughters who are in the seventh through twelfth grades, who primarily live in the Central Phoenix area. Each class has 25 Mother/Daughter teams, giving the chapter approximately 150 Ticktockers and their Patroness moms. Our Ticktockers mostly attend schools in the central Phoenix neighborhoods like Phoenix Country Day, Christ Lutheran, St Thomas the Apostle, Arizona School of the Arts, St Francis Xavier, Madison Traditional, Xavier College Prep, Arcadia High, and Basis Phoenix.